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Membership Information


How Much Does It Cost?

A one-time initiation fee of $65 ($50 for Kiwanis International and $15 for the Texas-Oklahoma Kiwanis district) and then $160 per quarter ($110 for weekly meals and $50 for district and Kiwanis International dues and Kiwanis magazine subscription).  There are no other assessments.

A "Pay as You Eat" program can be implemented, with Board approval, for those members who cannot attend meetings on a regular basis.  These dues are $50 quarter, plus $12 for each meal eaten.


What is Expected of a Member?

Regular attendance at club meetings with 60 percent as your goal; commitment of some of your time to fundraising projects; personal sponsorship of one new member each year; acceptance of responsibility inherent in any committee appointment and/or any office to which you may be elected.


What You Can Expect of Your Club

An opportunity to share your experience, knowledge, time and love in service to your community and your fellow man.  Our first priority is to help children of all ages.

The prestige of Kiwanis membership which will be most meaningful to you when you bring forth an idea for community service, see it embarked upon by the club, and then see the satisfying results upon completion.

Fun, fellowship, and evidence of true friendship which involves meeting with your fellow Kiwanians each week.

Occasional luncheon or evening events which include spouses.

Kiwanis Club of Cy-Fair, Houston
Houston, Texas